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Multigauge 5600 Hand Held

The popular Multigauge 5600 ultrasonic thickness meter is a simple, robust thickness meter designed for most common thickness gauging applications. It uses Multiple Echo to ignore coatings, measuring only the metal thickness.

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The Multigauge 5600 ultrasonic thickness meter is a simple, robust ultrasonic thickness gauge designed for most common thickness gauging applications.  The easy to use keypad allows operator interface whilst the bright full colour LCD display can be used in all light conditions. The moulded soft rubber surround feels comfortable, looks good and provides extra protection against knocks and scrapes. The gauge uses multiple echo to ignore coatings up to 6mm thick. . All probes have Intelligent Probe Recognition (IPR), which automatically adjusts settings in the gauge at the same time as transmitting recognition data – the result is a perfectly matched probe and gauge for enhanced performance. Additionally,  the Automatic Measurement Verification System (AMVS) ensures only true measurements are displayed, even on the most heavily corroded metals. A protective leather case is also available.


  • Ignores coatings up to 6mm thick using multiple echo and up to 20 mm with Coating Plus+ selected
  • Echo strength indicator
  • Measurement hold feature
  • Rugged, durable and robust
  • Leather protective case available
  • No zeroing required
  • Large bright colour LCD display giving user information
  • Automatic Measurement Verification (AMVS)
  • Intelligent Probe Recognition (IPR)
  • Easy calibration with menu driven buttons
  • Easy to use clear graphic menu


Multigauge 5600 ultrasonic thickness meter, probe, probe lead, spare membranes, membrane oil, ultrasonic gel, 15mm test block, membrane key, batteries, manual, calibration certificate, carry case. 


Protective leather case.


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Solent Refit - United Kingdom

“Your gauge is so fool proof to use, all of our people can do their own gauging”

Broomfield Marine Services - United Kingdiom

“The company is one of the most honest and reliable suppliers I have dealt with…”

London Underground - United Kingdom

"The feedback from our inspectors is positive - easy to use and accurate."

Farrell Ltd - United Kingdom

"The ultrasonic unit purchased achieves results other equipment cannot provide. The front end support was excellent and the unit proves to be a good investment."

Maziak Compressor Services - United Kingdom

Maziak Compressor Services prides itself on the services we offer our customers, and this is only as good as our people and the products we use. The Tritex Meter our 3 PSSR inspectors now use, ensure we can be the best.