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  • multiple echo ultrasonic thickness gauges

  • underwater thickness gauges

    Diver hand held gauges for ease of use

  • measure through coatings

    Thick coatings are ignored - only the metal thickness is measured

  • simple accurate robust

    Intelligent Probe Recognition, Automatic Measurement Verification and No Zeroing

  • gauges designed for rope access

    Mounts onto a belt or harness to keep hands free

  • grp thickness gauges

    Check for osmosis, de-laminations and blisters

  • drone mountable thickness gauge

    Transmit measurements up to 500m

Tritex NDT Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Tritex NDT manufacture multiple echo ultrasonic thickness gauges designed to monitor corrosion levels and check metal thickness without removing coatings

Tritex Multiple Echo ultrasonic thickness gauges significantly reduces preparation time as they eliminate the need to remove surface coatings.

GRP Thickness Gauge | MG5300

GRP Thickness Gauge | MG5300

Designed to check the condition of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) or Engineering Plastics. It can also be used on uncoated metal.

Hands Free Thickness Gauge | MG5500

Hands Free Thickness Gauge | MG5500

Mounts onto a belt or chest harness for hands free use. Bright LED display.

General Purpose Gauges | MG5600 and MG5700 Datalogger

General Purpose Gauges | MG5600 and MG5700 Datalogger

On screen user information such as probe frequency and remaining battery. Colour LCD display. Easy to use keypad and menu system. Also a datalogging version - Multigauge 5700

Drone Thickness Gauge | MG6000

Drone Thickness Gauge | MG6000

Mounts onto a drone for high level inspections. Includes a gel dispenser, probe holder and dedicated software to store data. Transmits measurements wirelessly in real time.

Surveyor Thickness Gauge | MG5650

Surveyor Thickness Gauge | MG5650

For metal, plastic and GRP measurement. Has selectable Multiple Echo, Echo to Echo or Single Echo measurement modes.

Surveyor Thickness Gauge Datalogger | MG5750

Surveyor Thickness Gauge Datalogger | MG5750

For metal, plastic and GRP measurement. Stores readings with easy template setup. Transmits data to the PC using wireless technology.

Underwater Diver Thickness Gauge | MG3000

Underwater Diver Thickness Gauge | MG3000

Large bright 10mm display. Integral battery with 55 hours runtime. Can be easily upgraded to a topside repeater. 500m depth rating.

Underwater ROV Thickness Gauge | MG4000

Underwater ROV Thickness Gauge | MG4000

Two models available for 1000m and 4000m depths. Simple and easy to install. Fits most work class ROV’s.


Performance is the most important feature of our thickness gauges. Whether it’s coated, bare metal, heavily corroded or clean, the Tritex Multigauge range has proven to be reliable, simple, accurate and robust. We supply ultrasonic thickness gauges worldwide for use in all applications where metal thickness is a concern.


Simple Thickness Meter


Accurate Thickness Meter

Robust Thickness Meter


About Tritex NDT

Tritex NDT has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of ultrasonic thickness gauges worldwide. Our experienced technicians pioneered multiple echo into hand-held ultrasonic thickness gauges in the 1980’s. We understand the problems faced by customers in all applications in the field of NDT and we aim to provide the best possible solutions. Our knowledge has been applied to the design, manufacture and marketing of our gauges.

Our use of the Multiple Echo method ensures that protective coatings remain undamaged, therefore eliminating the need for costly replacement.

Tritex NDT is committed to ensuring that all customers are provided with the highest level of products and services from first contact and throughout the active life of the product. We are acutely aware of the value of after sales care. All products are designed and manufactured in the the United Kingdom.

Tritex NDT Ltd is an ISO9001:2015 certified company.

Customer Testimonials

Solent Refit - United Kingdom

“Your gauge is so fool proof to use, all of our people can do their own gauging”

SeaTech Commercial Diving Services Ltd - United Kingdom

“ We have a lot of experience using underwater thickness gauges but my team insist on using only the Tritex gauges now. The Multigauge 3000 gives stable measurements and locks onto readings instantaneously"

Valkyrie Diving - United Kingdom

“The Multigauge 3000 is absolutely brilliant, we love it! If there was any problem we would tell you. Also, the service is excellent!”

Elliot Berry Marine Services - United Kingdom

“Just to let you know I’m very impressed with the gauge and the after sales service is excellent”

Broomfield Marine Services - United Kingdom

“The company is one of the most honest and reliable suppliers I have dealt with…”

Sonometric - South Africa

"Tritex gauges are the best thickness gauges I have used..."

Frankham Consultancy Group Ltd - United Kingdom

“We purchased the Multigauge 5600 which we found to be excellent as was the service from TritexNDT”

Captain Joseph Zerafa - Malta

“Excellent service throughout”

Plant Relaibility Solutions - United Kingdom

"I purchased a Multigauge 5750 which is very easy to use. Tritex were very helpful in assisting us with selecting the right unit for the application. Very good service."

London Underground - United Kingdom

"The feedback from our inspectors is positive - easy to use and accurate."

Farrell Ltd - United Kingdom

"The ultrasonic unit purchased achieves results other equipment cannot provide. The front end support was excellent and the unit proves to be a good investment."

Maziak Compressor Services Ltd - United Kingdom

Maziak Compressor Services prides itself on the services we offer our customers, and this is only as good as our people and the products we use. The Tritex Meter our 3 PSSR inspectors now use, ensure we can be the best.

Robomotic - Chile

"I just want to send you this pictures and video of our project finally working on a mining truck........ your sensor works great."

Aerodyne Group - Malaysia

"We are writing this as a testament to the quality of performance for the Multigauge 6000 Drone Thickness Gauge. Our technical team has given it high praise due its high accuracy and durability. It has impacted our field work positively."

ACTT - Sulphur, Louisiana

"We received the Multigauge 6000 and it’s an amazing piece of equipment, thanks for all your help."



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